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Oct 12, 2018 · Most Divi designers will tell you the one thing that usually gives away a Divi site is the menu. Most people don’t change the standard Divi mobile menu and it’s a real give-away. I recently showed a website I designed that had a full-screen menu that slides in smoothly from the right, instead of the default Divi ‘dropdown’ mobile menu.

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I have a dropdown menu, where every item in the menu is clickable. Example: Item1 —> link1 Subitem1 —> link2 Subitem2 —> link3. What I get is the same result as the divi standard (i.e. all the menu unfold) and added red icons to some of the main menu items. Any idea how to resolve?
Oct 30, 2017 · I want a specific menu style for each custom post type.... but i keep getting the menu... see image. below (the original menu at the top, and below it what I want). I have created a child theme off Divi and tried to copy over the "page-template-blank.php" and even renamed it to "single-{custom-posttype-slug}.php (and also tried this template ...

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Feb 23, 2016 · Regardless, one item I haven’t found, yet, in the Customize section of Divi is the ability to uppercase the mobile menu so this little code piece should fix that (code below): ul#mobile_menu.et_mobile_menu a, ul#top-menu a { text-transform: uppercase; }
I mean the gray line that separates the header (that contains the logo and your menu links) and the main content part of your Divi website. In my case, I was working on one client's website and we had both the header with white background and the main content section below the header with white background as well.

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May 31, 2017 · In the pictures we use to illustrate the effect of the CSS on the Divi mobile menu, those blue vertical lines beneath the left border of the menu are nothing to worry about. As it happens, the example page has some highlighted text on it. Just like this the text below in fact… We are going to use CSS to style the Divi mobile menu.
Create Your Fixed Divi Theme Builder Header Menu From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Divi>Theme Builder. Create a new template, and assign where needed. In our example, we chose to assign the menu to a specific page.

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Divi MadMenu is the most advanced menu module for Divi allowing to create headers using the Divi Theme Builder *. It is a powerful tool coming with lots of features providing a great flexibilty for header design.

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